Categories make it easier to manage large numbers of tags. When tags are assigned to a category, only those tags appear in the list when the category is selected in the Tags tab. A tag can be a member of more than one category.

In GX WebManager versions 9.x, categories were referred to as "classifications".

Creating Categories

To create a category, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Content Repository and then click the [Categories] tab.
  2. Type the new category in the text field and then click [Add]. The category is added.
  3. Repeat for each category you want to add.

When categories have been added, tags can be assigned to them in the Tags tab. For each category, the number of terms that have been assigned to it appears in the "Number of Terms" column in the list of existing categories.

Category Statistics

On the Categories tab, you can see the existing categories and how many tags are assigned to each of them. For example:

Renaming and Deleting Categories

To rename a category, modify the name of it in the text field and then click [Apply].

To delete a category, select "Delete" to the right of the category and then click [Apply]. Note that when you delete a category, the tags assigned to that category are not deleted. All tags assigned to a category that is deleted will be reassigned to  "Non classified tags".