XperienCentral separates design, logic, and content. This section explains how this separation comes about and where these three areas meet and describes how a page in XperienCentral is constructed, what the parts of the Design SDK are, which technologies are involved, and how they can be used in XperienCentral.

Java Server Pages (JSPs) determine the design of XperienCentral pages. JSPs are a way of easily creating dynamic websites based on the Java standard. From the JSPs, XperienCentral functions and generally available functions are requested. These functions are part of a) the XperienCentral API and b) third party taglibs, such as JSTL for example. These two ways allow adding business logic to the page. They also allow access to the content in XperienCentral. Therefore, JSPs are the connections between design, logic, and content.