On the Site Maintenance tab, you can manage universal settings for your website.

Some of the operations you can perform on the Site Maintenance tab can have adverse effects on websites running in a production environment. If you are unsure what a command does, contact your GX Software consultant before taking any action.

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Uploaded File Maintenance

In this section you can look up and manage files that have been uploaded to all the hosts present in your XperienCentral deployment.

List File Upload Hostnames

This command shows an overview of how many files have been uploaded to each host in your XperienCentral deployment. Each file uploaded into XperienCentral is directly tied to the host to which it was uploaded.

Renaming a Host

When you copy a complete database and all content to another environment, or when you change the hostname of an existing environment, you need to change the hostname that is stored with the uploaded files.

Be sure that the replacement name is correct or none of the uploaded files will be available to the website. To set the upload hostname, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the hostname of the source environment in the "Find" field.
  2. Enter the name to which you want to change the host to in the "Replace" field.
  3. Click [Go]. The hostnames are changed.

For example, to change the hostname from "www.mywebsite.com" to "www.mywebsite2.com", you would enter the following and click [Go]:


Dump File Uploads

This command dumps files from the JCR to the directory defined by the property file_upload_directory on the General tab. This is necessary if you want to make static content available to the Apache HTTPD server. This command only dumps files that are present in the JCR and that are not yet present on the file system.

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Memory Maintenance

The Memory Maintenance dialog box shows an overview of the memory status of the process in which XperienCentral is running. All values are in KB. The following values are shown:

Free memoryThe amount of free memory in the process within which XperienCentral is running.
Used memoryThe amount of memory that is being used by XperienCentral.
Total memoryThe total amount of memory available to XperienCentral.
Maximum memoryThe maximum amount of memory available to XperienCentral.

Run the Garbage Collector

This command forces the Java garbage collection process to be performed.

Only developers and application managers with Java experience should force garbage collection in XperienCentral. Doing so could have an adverse effect on your website's performance. To force garbage collection, click [Go]. The operation may take some time.

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Export Site

This command allows you to export your website to an XML file. This does not create a complete copy of your website. Some files need to be exported using another method. Contact your GX Software consultant for complete information on exporting your entire website.

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