Layouts are custom templates that make it possible for you to render content in a wide variety of ways. These templates are developed internally within your organization and made available for you to add to content items via the Insert menu in the Editor. Contact your main editor or application manager for information about the layouts that are available.

Because layouts can take on so many different forms, their use can only be described generically.

Input Fields

Layouts can contain input fields that an editor can fill in with content. To enter text into an input field, you simply hover the mouse over it and then click the left mouse button. For example:


The focus is now in the field and you can now enter the desired text.

Repeatable Parts

Layouts can have repeatable parts. For example, a layout that renders a tab might allow you to add extra tabs. When more than one repeatable part has been added, you can change the order in which they appear by moving them. Extra repeatable parts that have been added can also be removed.

When a layout contains repeatable parts, the Actions menu becomes available. For example:



You can perform the following tasks using the Layout Actions menu:

AddAdd another instance of the repeatable layout part.
RemoveRemove the selected repeatable layout part.
Move to LeftMoves the selected repeatable layout part one position to the left.
Move to RightMoves the selected repeatable layout part one position to the right.


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