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The XperienCentral Quick Search function allows you to search through all content items (page, article, page section, etc.) using a string or partial string including wildcard characters. The search includes both the name of a content item and content within the content item. The Search function appears at the top middle of the Workspace:

When you enter a search term or terms, the 20 most relevant content items that contain the specified text are shown in a list. Select the item from the list, and it appears in the Workspace.

The list of found items is sorted according to relevance. The "Top hit" is the content item that XperienCentral finds the most relevant based on your search term(s). The rest of the content items that match your query are listed below the "Top hit". If you cannot find what you are looking for using the Quick Search, select the option Go to the Advanced Search to do an advanced query that contains multiple filters that you can use to find what you are looking for.

You can also search for content items according to their internal ID/version ID. To look up the ID/version ID of a content item, navigate to the Status tab of the Properties pane. To search for a content item according to its ID/Version ID, enter a full or partial string in the Search field. All content items/versions that contain the string you specify will be returned.