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  1. Open a Command prompt in a folder outside your XperienCentral installation folder where you would like to create your design template plugin, C:\GX\plugins\ for example..
  2. Run the following Maven command and replace "version" with your version of XperienCentral, the "artifact ID" with a name of your choice and be sure to add the correct path to your installation's settings.xml file.. The command is one string.

    mvn archetype:generate -DinteractiveMode=false -DarchetypeGroupId=nl.gx.webmanager.archetypes -DarchetypeArtifactId=webmanager-presentation-archetype -DarchetypeVersion=10.36 -DgroupId=com.gxwebmanager.helloworld -DartifactId=helloworldDesign template
    -Dclassprefix=HelloWorld -s C:\GX\XperienCentral\settings.xml

    • You have to fill in the XperienCentral version that you are using with the property ‘DarchetypeVersion’. In the above example it’s version 10.36R36 — the version number of XperienCentral used in code must take the form 10.x where x is the major/minor version number. For example, XperienCentral version R35 is declared as 10.35 in code and XperienCentral version R35.1 is declared as 10.35.1.
    • In this example the plugin will be named "helloworldDesign template" and all examples in this topic will use that name.

    You should see a ‘Build successful’ message from the Maven command and the helloworldDesign template folder should be created. The created folder structure is:

    Code Block
    	/resources/Design templatetype/..

  3. Create several subdirectories in the /static/helloworldDesign template folder for storing the various types of static files (img, css, js, and so forth).
  4. Copy your static files from the design to the /static/helloworldDesign template subfolder.
  5. Create several subdirectories in the /jsp/ folder for storing the various types of design templates (page, element, forms, pageparts, and so forth).


    If a Design template plugin depends on design template JSPs that are part of the original XperienCentral platform, these JSPs should be copied to the design template plugin in the directory: /src/main/resources/Design templatetype/jsp/wm.

  6. Copy the received HTML file from the design into the ../jsp/page/ folder, and rename it to (for example) content.jsp.