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XperienCentral provides access for external web clients to the Advanced Search functionality in order to allow you to retrieve content. An XperienCentral application key is required in order to authenticate a client to access the Advanced Search dialog box. The application key can be generated and retrieved from the Authorization dialog box panel in XperienCentral. Refer to the XperienCentral online help for complete information on generating and using the application key (Help > Authorization > Generating an Application Key for a User).

The Advanced Search dialog box is available at the following urlURL:


For example:


opens the Advanced Search panel in an iframe in order to allow you to search for and retrieve a content item in XperienCentral. The dialog communicates with your external web client across the domain by means of an HTML 5 window.postMessage API and the selected item can be retrieved by adding an event listener to the contentItemSelect postMessage. For example:

window.addEventListener("message", onMessage, false);