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In addition to the information in this topic, see also the description of the class nl.gx.webmanager.taglib of the XperienCentral Javadoc.


<wmfn:filterHTMLTags> -  Filters the HTML. Passed tags are allowed , other tags are removed from the HTML. Example usage:


<wmfn:filterHTMLTagsAndAttributes> -  Filters the HTML. Passed tags and attributes are allowed , other tags and attributes are removed from the HTML. Example usage:


<wm:pagePart> -  The label defines which JSPF is used to generate the content (looked up in the presentation mappings that XperienCentral creates by reading the presentation descriptor files). An XperienCentral page can contain content consisting of multiple elements, each with its own presentation JSPs. To show these elements, the page presentation JSP should contain a wm tag that renders these elements.

Example ( 1):

Code Block
<div id="column1">
   <wm:pagePart label="Content column 1" />


This tells XperienCentral that a pagePart with the label “Content column 1” should be displayed here. The “Content column 1” label is defined in the presentation descriptor file of the content . JSPF (i.e. content.xml) so the . The <wm:pagePart> tag effectively tells XperienCentral to execute that JSPF and include the results.

Example ( 2):

Code Block
<wm:pagePart label="WM content" var="result"/>


The type for the presentation properties is defined in the presentation descriptor. The values for the properties can be defined in the descriptor files , by creating presentation variants in XperienCentral or by relying on the style information that is defined in XperienCentral. Example usage:




: string

Retrieves a line feed (usually line feeds in JSP pages are ignored).


(object, object[]) : boolean

Returns true if the array contains the instance.



(string) : string

Converts HTML code to JavaScript document.write statements.



(string) : string
Replaces \\ with \\\\ and ' with \\' in a string so that it can be used in a JavaScript statement.



(string) : string
Surrounds the text part with a <pre> tag so that while processing this part should be taken literally and so that line feeds should be preserved.



(string) : string

Prepends http:// before an external URL if it doesn't start with http://, https://, ftp://, file://, javascript:, mailto:, / or #.



(servletcontext) : string
If secure forms are enabled, this function retrieves the name of the secure form request parameter. This function returns the name of the form parameter which should be used for sending the form signature.



(object, object[]): int
Returns the index of the object in the array or -1 if the array doesn't contain the object.


(object, string): boolean
This is more flexible instanceOf implementation than the built-in Java instanceOf operator.


(string) : string

Replaces new lines with <br />.



(servletcontext, servletrequest, string) : string
Computes a signature for a set of names for the use of secure forms in SiteWorks.



(servletcontext, servletrequest, string) : string
Generates a secure forms signature for the given HTML fragment.



(object[][], int, boolean) : object[]
Sorts a two dimensional array (an array of arrays) by the objects in a column.



(sortedmap[], string, boolean) : sortedmap
Sorts an array of SortedMaps by the elements at a specified key.



(object[], int, int) : object[]
Returns a sub array of the original array.



(string) : string
The URL encodes a UTF-8 string.