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  1. Select "<New Link Behavior>" from the "Select Link Behavior" drop-down list. The properties for the new behavior appear below.
  2. Define the following properties:

    TitleThe name of the link model. For best results, give the behavior a meaningful name that reflects how it behaves.
    CSS classThe cascading stylesheet (CSS) to use to style the pop-up or new window for the link.
    Rel attributeSpecifies a value that will be rendered in the rel attribute in a link tag. This can be used to make sure search Engines engines do not follow a certain link. The rel attribute describes the relationship between documents. For more information and all valid link types, see
    Target attributeSpecifies a custom value for the target attribute of the link. This can be used to determine where a link should open or if the link should target an iframe. The target attribute can contain one of 4 default values or a custom value (for example the name of an iframe). See for more information.
    Pop-upSpecifies whether the link opens in a pop-up window. This means that the link will not open in the active browser window nor in a new browser.
    WidthThe width of the pop-up in pixels.
    HeightThe height of the pop-up in pixels.
    LeftThe number of pixels from the left edge of the screen where the pop-up will appear.
    TopThe number of pixels from the top edge of the screen where the pop-up will appear..
    LocationSpecifies whether an address bar appears in the pop-up window.
    ToolbarSpecifies whether the toolbar is visible in the pop-up window.
    FoldersSpecifies whether a [Link] button that links to the "Favorites" menu is visible in the pop-up window..
    Status barSpecifies whether the status bar is visible in the pop-up window.
    Scroll barsSpecifies whether scroll bars are visible in the pop-up window.
    ResizableSpecifies whether the pop-up window is resizable.
    Menu barSpecifies whether the menu bar is visible in the pop-up window.
    New windowSpecifies whether the link opens in a new browser window. The new browser window will have the same settings as the browser window in which the link is opened.
    Set popup attributes as

    Specifies the pop-up attributes. The options are "onClick and "data attributes". If "onClick" is selected, the pop-up options are added as an "onClick" attribute. When "data attributes" is selected, the attributes are added to the link as data attributes instead. The possible data attributes are:


    Data Attribute

    Status bardata-statusbar
    Menu bardata-menubar

    You can select multiple properties for a "Pop-up" link.

  3. Click [Apply]. The new Link Behavior is created. When you create a hyperlink in the Editor, the behavior is available from the "Link Behavior" drop-down list.