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Importing and exporting content items is performed in a different separate process. See Importing and Exporting Content Items (old) for complete information.


  1. Navigate to Import/Export > Import.
  2. Click [Browse] and navigate to the folder containing file containing the exported form(s).
  3. Select the export file and click [Open].
  4. Click [Analyze]. A summary of the forms/form sections found in the export file displays.
  5. Select the form/form section(s) from the list that you want to import and then click [Import].
  6. Select the form/form section(s) that you imported which you want to publish (set to an"Active" state).
  7. Click [Publish form(section)].


    If you import a form or form section that already exists, the current version will become "Inactive" and the imported version will become the "Active" version if you publish it.



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