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For some items in the Content Repository, you can add lead text for it as well as assign a leading image to it. Whenever the item appears in an Content Overview or Dynamic Content Overview element, the lead text and image are shown along with a link to the item. Enter text in the "Lead" field to add lead text. Click [Add image] to add a lead image to the item. Click [Save] to save your changes.


When upgrading to XperienCentral versions 10.13.0 and higher, the text in the Lead field, if any, is duplicated in the Meta Description field.

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In the Versions tab you can see details regarding all versions of the content item that exist in the current language. The state of the current version is "Current version" ("Published") and the state of all other versions is "Draft". To switch to a different version of the content item, use the View All Versions command in the Actions Menu. The table details which user created the version, its publication date and its expiration date (if any). For pages and page sections, you can also delete older, unpublished versions by selecting the checkbox next to it and clicking [Delete]. Note: You cannot delete the current version of a content item.