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If a template property is defined as a search facet, it will appear in Advanced Search if/when a value is defined for it. See below.

Image Preview and Metadata

For the Modular Content "Image", an editor can upload an image in a Modular Content content element. Once an image has been uploaded, you will see a thumbnail preview as well as the following metadata for it:

File NameThe (operating system) name of the file containing the image. Click the file name to download the image.
File TypeThe image type.
SourceSpecifies the source of the image.
DimensionsThe height/width dimensions of the image in pixels.
File SizeThe size of the image file in kilobytes (KB).
Focus PointSpecifies whether a focus point has been defined for this image. To define a focus point, click [Select Focus Point]. If the image already has a focus point defined for it, click [Edit Focus Point]. See Defining the Focus Point for an Image for complete information on defining a focus point for an image.

To upload a different image from a file on a local disk, click [Browse]. To upload an image from the Content Repository, click [Select from Content Repository]. To delete an uploaded image from a Modular Content content element, select "Delete" and then click [Apply].

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Modular Content Template Properties as Search Facets