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titleXperienCentral R42

XperienCentral R42

Release date: December 4, 2023

The following issues have been resolved in this version of XperienCentral.


[GXWM-38607] - Exporting a form with an error results in a partial zip file
[GXWM-38970] - Function library formatExternalUrl method uses hardcoded http instead of https
[GXWM-39271] - Content overview element shows media page items as not public when the workflow model for pages and the Content Repository are different
[GXWM-39491] - Publication status is no longer shown in Advanced Search
[GXWM-39494] - Importing content from other channel of same installation does not work
[GXWM-39579] - External link with onClick attribute defined in link behavior breaks the Edit environment
[GXWM-39600] - IAF Frontend Javascript files don't load when building in Dev mode
[GXWM-39603] - Tab Layout example not working
[XC-22] - After switching "Show versions" to "All", the checkbox of the selected version is also enabled
[XC-31] - The "Page is not available in language" notification is not spaced
[XC-188] - The Layout element does not work for a Layout with the field mode Single line (flat)
[XC-249] - Modular Content: Metadata template added with unchecked option
[XC-260] - Links don't open in new window
[XC-279] - Modular Content Template disables checkboxes if they are not allowed to be checked
[XC-280] - Modular Content loses required template property upon import
[XC-287] - Selecting an item without an existing language version in the Site Structure tree fails
[XC-292] - Selected items in the Advanced Search Panel are not synchronising when switching between views
[XC-299] - Sorting in Advanced Search behaves unpredictably
[XC-338] - Double clicking on a user in the User Profiles panel returns a 403 error (Chrome Only)
[XC-339] - XC unavailable when changing certain settings in the CSP panel
[XC-353] - Content from wrong layout is used when switching layouts on page with multiple layouts
[XC-358] - JCR Browser panel: changing properties doesn't work properly
[XC-371] - The JCR Browser editor is not functioning properly
[XC-380] - The Status column doesn't sort in List view
[XC-390] - Layout field disappears on save
[XC-404] - Advanced Search Panel sorts inconsistently on Focus Point
[XC-405] - An image's Focus Point is not imported
[XC-414] - "Select page" and "del" buttons are don't work when multiple are present
[XC-456] - Pop-up window 404 error bug


[GXWM-39157] - Change the labels available for gender in the Web Users panel
[GXWM-39191] - Change the length limit for JCR indexable string properties from 256 to 2048 characters
[GXWM-39282] - Support DatabaseEntity instances in selectFromObjectManagerButton
[GXWM-39499] - Redirect target is shown in wrong language

New Feature

[GXWM-39542] - Add the possibility to specify term classifications for matching in content related media collection elements


[GXWM-39480] - Minify JavaScript from IAF
[GXWM-39485] - A removed item is still shown in a Content Overview
[XC-267] - Implement new design for the XC Login page
[XC-269] - Improve the functionality of the Audit Trail's Deleted tab
[XC-300] - Add base GraphQL Configuration to XC with MediaItemVersion query

[XC-301] - Add support for PageVersion retrieval to the GraphQL API


Modular Content 2.0.28


[XA-792] - Removed items linked to a modular property of type Contentitem are shown incorrectly
[XA-802] - Reset internal image value when setting new image
[XA-812] - Modular Content Export misses pagination on Predefined Lists tab

Connector API 3.6.22


[XA-804] - Content import fails with NullPointerException with MediaListElement without items
[XA-813] - getJobClusterTransfer in ImportExportSchedulerService is not thread-safe
[XA-814] - Incorrect mimetype used when exporting downloads


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