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The content import/export functionality was introduced in XperienCentral version R25.


  1. Navigate to the Layouts panel (Configuration > Layouts).
  2. Click [Export]:

  3. A panel will appear in which you can select the layouts to export.
  4. Click the "Select" checkbox next to each layout you want to export. To export all layouts, click [Select all].
  5. Click [Export]. A Windows open/save dialog box opens.
  6. Select "Save" By default, the name of the export file is " where "dd-mm-yyyy" is today's date. For example:

  7. Click [OK], The export file is saved to your browser's Download folder.

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Importing Content Items

To import content items, follow the steps below. To import Modular Content, see Importing Modular Content. Once the .zip file containing the exported content items has been delivered to you, navigate to Configuration > Import Content. This starts the XperienCentral Content Importer Wizard. The Wizard consists of 11 possible steps. Depending on the circumstances and the choices you make, you may step through only a subset of these.


Filter Option


Ajax Refresh RateSpecifies, in milliseconds, how often to refresh the Ajax progress bar. Setting this to a lower setting may cause lock contention in the JCR and thereby reduce performance for jobs that write intensively to the JCR. 
Target DirectorySpecifies the local directory where the log history files are written.
Maximum number of log entries to keepSpecifies the maximum number of log entries to keep. Once the limit is reached, the first log entries will be overwritten and eventually all entries will be overwritten in looping fashion.
UserSelect the system user account from the list that will execute the job(s). For more information, see System User.

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